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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> one of his friends told me his mother passed away, he was having a hard time rentalling out of the other part of the house. >> it's scary because i always hear gunshots coming out of his house. >> after several hours, the swat team took action but it was unclear what would happen next. >> come outside with your hands up. >> reporter: back here live here on summer street in everett, you heard all of that gun fire during that earlier video that we were showing you, we believe the gun fire is from tear gas and concussion grenades that we may have also heard, we are not aware that it's ordinance that it's regular gun fire, what strap peers to be happening, the swat team is trying to convince it individual to come out, they've
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and determined at this point to end things peacefully, there is more gun fire in the back, we will certainly stay on top of this and bring you more as events warrant. jim smith wbz. >> jim thank you, we'll so you again at 6:00. it has been a christmas for the books. record temperatures yesterday and today, look at that. another beautiful fall like -- dare i say spring like day, these guys are playing tennis in their shorts and short sleeves, it was so warm the city of brewster had to cancel gardner. maybe later this week, this next coming week as we get into wednesday. long term forecast models are showing a couple winter storms and colder temperatures, we are talking 30s and tos for highs,
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have a pleasant even and temperatures were gorgeous for christmas, 57 degrees in boston, 51 norwood, and we tied a record high temperature in worcester, 60 degrees the old record still stands, 1964, boston 62 degrees, we just got shy, we were just shy of that record. of 5 dries setback in 1889, but it is the second warmest christmas in boston. showing a few showers to our north and west and those showers will sink to the south overnight tonight, keeping a chance for a spotty shower, otherwise mainly dry and comfortable. temperatures in the as, falling 11:00. plus i'm tracking maybe another day with record warm before winter makes a come back, the latest in a bit. >> thank you so much, pamela, warm.
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today on christmas because they simply could not deliver all of this year's packages on time. for some customers the back log had them seeing red. >> reporter: up until is, customers could try their luck at the local fedex express stores, but so many have already taken to social media blasting the shipping buy giant. accord to go quite a few people on twitter and facebook, fedex ruined their christmas, thousands are sounding off online, upset their packages didn't arrive in time. a few unhappy customers spent part of christmas morning at the fedex in south boston trying to track them down. some were lucky enough to walk out with boxes in toe, but many others left empty handed,. >> i had to get my boyfriend something, target had nice jackets, i ordered them, it had
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by the 24th. >> instead. >> it's entrancity in maryland right now or something. >> the shipping giant was open christmas day in an effort to get as many shipments delivered as possible, many employees volunteered to work, fedex blames this week's severe weather for the delays and heavier than planned last minute shipping volumes didn't help. >> i'm not sure the -- i'm sure i'm not the only one experiencing this, i wait admission while to do it, if it is going to be there i should be able to trust it. if i had known target uses buy it. >> ups experienced mine or delays but nothing like fedex. in south boston julie wbz. and now that the shopping craze is over, let the return frenzy begin, consumer reports estimates about 40% of americans will try to return or
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not like because businesses are being victimized by shoplifters returning the items for cash, returning gifts without a receipt will be difficult. >> 85% of retailers now require identification for example if you don't have a receipt. >> consumer reports editor todd mark says if you don't have a receipt and trying to get a refund keep the gift in its unopened, original package, he says be prepared for possible restocking fees and store credit only. tonight two women are accused in a terrible christmas eve hoax that drew an enormous response from law enforcement, the mother and daughter are facing charges because of a story they made up about a baby being thrown over a bridge. >> reporter: on christmas eve people in haverhill saw a frantic rescue effort. >> there was spotlights.
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>> then they heard the unthinkable, searchers were looking for a baby that had been thrown from a bridge. >> i was in shock that it was even happening. >> police say the call came in from holly fowler who was with her daughter chris see. >> the women parent low told police they were up on their balcony talking when they suddenly saw a man on the bridge, throw a baby into the river and then take off running with an empty carriage. >> but after the search came up empty and police interviewed the women they determined the entire story was a hoax. >> i can't understand how that would even happen, there is no words to express that, i guess. >> definitely really twisted especially with a mother and a daughter. >> a search by land, air and water all for nothing. >> that's horrible on christmas eve to have people and resources wasted like that. >> and leaving neighbors with a big question, why would someone make up a story like that. >> i'm glad it was a hoax. >> in haverhill, ryan cat.
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daughter christie will be a arraigned on monday. christmas morning without lights for a dozens of families in back ton, suv took out utility and power lines. no one was badly hurt, crews have been in near by neighborhoods all day turning the power back on. update now to badly christmas eve mall shooting, police in charlotte say a long running feud was behind the hooting, an off duty officer was at the mall when he heard gunshots. that is when investigators say the 18-year-old pointed the gun at the officer, the officer shot and killed the teen. we have this dramatic new video tonight of a wedge tornado storming across mississippi much this is a time lapse video of that twister. it is just one of more than a dozen tornadoes that struck the south before christmas killing 14 people and injuring many more and the threat there is not over, that area could see flooding this weekend.
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on going battle over tennessee sports, draft kings is suing the state of illinois saying the state could end you a legit matt industry. -- a legitimate industry. massachusetts has said it will not ban the sight but is considering new regulations. pope francis delivered his christmas day message calling for prayers to end human offer -- suffering. >> reporter: pope francis condemned brutal acts of terrorism in his christmas day message and prayed for an end to war and human suffering. he also offered hope. >> the grace of god can convert hearts and offer mankind a way out of humanly in soluble situations. >> tens of thousands of saints will pack st. peters square.
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he is and his role in the catholic church to bring our attention to the things that jesus would want us to bring attention to. >> security was heavy, pilgrims had to go through two security checks. >> i would rather know that we are safe here. >> the pope also spoke of those who are closest to his heart, the poor and the disadvantaged. >> at the community of santagio, the catholic charity feeds over 200,000 homeless on christmas day. >> this is revolutionary force of this pope, the gospel is not spirit or religion message, but political program to change the world. >> francis' devotion to the poor is contagious, the number of volunteers is up, not only among catholics but also among non-catholics and even
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and today boston cardinal shaun o'malley held mass in boston before visiting and blessing children, coming up tonight at 6:00, o'malley is going to take issue on donald trump's take on immigrants coming to the united states. worshippers made their way to the church of nativity, festivities were low key. the duke and dutchess looking elegant as always, leaving mass in the uk. prince harry, the queen and prince charles were also in attendance. still to come as many of us open presents and fill our homes with warm this hole, we have to remember those without. introducing you to one family celebrating a new life program. gronk and his brother
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as millions across the country ring in the holiday. the warm of their homes, there are many families not as fortunate living in homeless shelters.
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one family who is home for the holidays. >> a work in progress, she has a christmas tree and a permanent place she and her three kids call home. >> with's this feel like for you? >> last year has been pretty amazing. pretty amazing. >> the family spent nearly two years living in one of new york city's homeless shelters a a do necessary particular abuse situation. >> it wasn't easy. >> it's estimated there are more than is is million children who are without homes nationwide. >> all kinds of families experience homelessness. >> allen baxter is the founder of housing communities. it's 7th building called sugar hill opened with 1 it 4 units a year ago, 48,000 applied for a spot.
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the nation. and our own city. >> the building is supported by a combination of federal funding and investments from big corporations that in turn housing with cultural and educational elements like a childrens museum and a preschool. >> i love you. >> she says her children have a much brighter future with solid roof over their heads. kenneth craig cbs news new york. this morning we had a rare glimpse of a wear christmas day full moon, the first time since 1979, won't happen on christmas until 2034, reached peek just after 6:00 this morning, i'm sure plenty of parents were up because a lot of kids were like >> yes. >> after you wrapped everything, honey let's go look at the full moon out.
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than one, we had the moon, also the crazy warm here. >> crazy highs. today 62 degrees. not quite a record today. but we got close to it. >> look at that moon. >> oh, beautiful. just past the full moon technicalities there, gorgeous still bringing us lots of light over the city of boston on this christmas day evening, beautiful lights on the common there in the background, too. hopefully you had a wonderful christmas and you are winding things down now, temperatures are going to be comfortable for the rest of tonight, tomorrow a bit of a cooldown. if you do happen to be traveling, another record that we are keeping track of, 50- degree plus days in december. we've had 18 days now as we add the running tally today, add another day, this is definitely number one in history for boston. the high today officially 62 degrees and the record 65
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this time of year should be 38 degrees, believe it or not, and we are still well above normal. 57 in boston, 56 tauton, 60 degrees in lawrence. hour by hour forecast temperatures stay in the 50s and fa into the upper 40s, 4 degrees 7:00 a.m. and we won't warm up too much for tomorrow, lows tonight in boston 943 degrees to be exact. whereas our friends to the north and west, fitchburg to worcester, manchester in the pros, potentially icy spots once you get farther to the south, to the south and east temperatures in the mid and upper 40s, not too bad. tomorrow temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s. a little bit different compared to what we had the last couple days, it may be a shock to the system, but decent ski conditions as we do anticipate a winter row mix especially northern parts of new england
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temperatures too warm here, 41 degrees saturday, sunday 46, sunday afternoon. for us closer to home here in boston, saturday 49 sunday. 60 degrees with scattered rain and the record 61. we will be chasing that record on sunday. current radar picture, a thin line of a few showers that will continue to march southward, in the forecast until tomorrow morning. hour by hour as we time things out for you we want to show you high pressure is in control here through saturday evening, warm front moves in by sunday afternoon giving us the near record high temperatures and a cold front moves in on the back side of that giving us a chance also for heavy rainfall potential. but then sunday into monday we are dry. now this is long term, monday night into tuesday this is the beast that we will be tracking and the forecast models still all over the place with this. now we'll get this heavy rain on sunday evening with the potential for some snow accumulation.
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but this is very tricky, temperatures playing a huge role in this and the track of this system as well. buday by day i want to go through the deal here, seven day forecast, 49 tomorrow, sunday 60 rain chance, if you are traveling monday, the day should be just fine. monday evening things start to get tricky with a wintery mix first changing to some potentially snow for some. by tuesday changing back to all rain tuesday afternoon. stay tuned, we will all be tracking this throughout the entire weekend, we'll give you the latest info as we get it, back to you. >> pamela, thank you. mother nature at it again so is gronk, getting his family involved to help you make a decision to where to put your money. >> gronk. >> dan, what do you think you are doing? i'm dan gronkowski and i choose visa checkout.
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to be joke how much gronk and his brother dan look alike. janet jackson just announced her world tour is on hold. singer's unbreakable tour was scheduled on february 26th. last night though, jackson posted a message on her facebook page saying she has to have surgery soon. i will need to postpone the tour until spring, she promises to reschedule every date. she has not said what type of surgery she is having though. still to come, and inside look at christmas at the bradies. and the pictures comparing santa and gronk. plus an eye exam in the comfort of your own home, no doctor required, but is this do it yourself test blurring the lines between health and convenience, dr. mallika marshall take as closer look. stationed in japan, i want to use this occasion to say
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to you dr. liti, also i want to use the occasion to thank you guys a good, merry christmas, happy new year to family and all the friends living in boston. so one more time, merry christmas and happy new year to
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in health news if you are having a christmas cookie with that glass of sweet wine to night, a hormone in your liver may be to blame, researchers
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of the hormone you may be less likely to eat sugar and drink alcohol, more research is needed to determine how mood also affects those cravings. >> who is eating cookies and drinking wine. >> i think many people. >> are you going to do that tonight. >> let's not make this about me, if you want to do that, that's okay liam. it's possible to get a new prescription for your glasses without leaving the house. >> do it yourself exams are connivent but are they shortchanging patients, dr. look. >> for many of us eye exams are a must every year, but now some patients are skipping the trip logging on instead. >> hess i tan at first, but once i got the hang of of it, just breeze right through it. >> one day later the the mail. >> saving time as far as getting to the eye doctor. >> several companies are now offering these online eye exams, users are asked to read an eye chart.
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and smart phone, it takes just 20-25 minutes, and you need 10- 12 feet of space. >> we are now ready to begin your scan. >> over here, the system is telling me to cover up my left eye, i'm choosing which number i see on the screen. >> the results are sent to an ophthalmologist who writes the prescription. >> it's convenient and less expensive than going to the eye doctor. >> not all doctors think the exam is thorough enough. >> i don't understand how just looking at those numbers that come back from an automated system can really tell the doctor what he or she needs to know regarding what that patient's prescription ought to be. much less understanding what the patient's general health or eye health situation is. >> dr. steven lumis says vision is a small part of an exam. >> all the components the externallal portion of the eye.
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patient's eye health, make sure patients cannot use it more than four years in a row. >> prices vary. dr. mallika marshall wbz news. quick update, our producer tells us lots of people do wine and cookies. >> yeah, we didn't think that people combined the two, we have learned. >> it's a new trend, we work on christmas. up next they have the hottest tech toys of the season. be careful what you need to know before hopping on the hover boards and sends those drones into flight. the firearm that could lost you a million dollars because it is literally out of this world. and a former president's home camps fire and police say may have been on purpose. as we head to break, live look outside of the conditions on the mass pike eastbound, quiet out there as people mosey
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we continue to follow this breaking news tonight in everett, dozens of police are on the scene of a standoff
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